Use social listening to empower your decisions

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Find meanings in the conversations out of social media that matters. Act on them now.
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Discover the sentiments & emotions that matters most

Locate every mentions about your brand, your products or your market with pinpoint accuracy

sociainsight listen Listen everywhere

  • Spam-free data gathered from multiple social & other online sources
  • Instant, real-time data till the last hour
  • Analyze Twitter data for every tweet you schedule
  • Analyze Facebook data for every post you schedule
  • Analyze LinkedIn data for every update you schedule
  • Compare Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter data through Dashboard & Insight
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Turning Data into Insight for your whole organization

Configurable and easy to use. Now everyone can get an ROI from social data

control on social media You’re in direct control

  • Analyze your data in multiple ways to discover more meaningful Insights
  • Monitor & track campaigns/events in real time till the last hour
  • Outgrow yourself againt your competitors
  • Easier engagement with your audience through Demographics Insights
  • Generate periodic dashboards and share on social platforms and with your friends/colleagues & seniors
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Go beyond social listening

Start using social data as well as other online sources to get better results

sociainsight action Turn insights into action

  • Respond to PR & internal issues quickly and resolve more effectively
  • Empower your lead generation, market reach and influencer identification
  • Continous Collaboration within your team and outside
  • Invite team members to share the insights or publish it over social media
  • Setup automated reports to CEO, CXO & Line Managers into their inbox
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